Acid Neutralizer: Eliminating Acid Stains in Greensboro & Guilford County

Acid Neutralizer

Are blue/green stains in your sinks and shower driving you crazy? If your home has copper water pipes, these stains could be a sign of acid water. Acid water is the result of carbon dioxide given off by decaying trees and vegetation. As water percolates down through the soil, it carries this carbon dioxide into groundwater. The result is carbonic acid.  When this carbonic acid comes into contact with copper or brass fittings, the result is copper sulfate, which produces these blue/green stains. Other common factors that can cause these stains include; improper grounding of electrical connections, hot water recirculation pumps, water heaters with no dielectric unions between the copper pipes and the water heater’s galvanized fittings (galvanic corrosion).

How to Eliminate Blue/Green Stains

Acid water issues can be dealt with in several ways. One method is to use a chemical feed pump to inject soda ash or caustic soda into the water supply. There are many issues with this method, however, including high maintenance and injecting some relatively nasty stuff into your water supply. This method is usually limited to municipal or industrial applications and does not suit the average homeowner very well. Another solution is to coat the inside of the water pipes with food grade polyphosphates and orthophosphates, minimizing water-to-metal contact.  But the most popular and user-friendly solution to correcting an acid condition is the use of an acid neutralizer, or calcite filter.

Acid neutralizers are tanks of varying sizes filled with calcite (calcium carbonate) and will usually have a small amount of corosex (magnesium oxide). As the water percolates down through the material in the tank, the water loses its acidity by dissolving this material. This looks similar to a giant Tum’s tablet.  Most acid neutralizers have a backwash or back flush feature which is intended to keep the material in the tank  loose so it will not harden. The backwash also serves to keep the material bed cleaner by flushing out a certain amount of iron and well grit from the tank. One downside to the acid neutralizer is that since the calcite adds hardness as it dissolves, it might require the addition of a water softener to temper the increased hardness. A water treatment company will be able to discuss this issue with you.

Looking for the Best Solution for your Acid Water Issue?

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